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Five Highly Feature-Rich Mobile App Analytics Tools For Digital Marketing

Analytics Tools For Digital Marketing

Five Highly Feature-rich Mobile App Analytics Tools For Digital Marketing

Do you have a mobile application for your business? Are you calculating the important numbers? 

The total number of app downloads, the amount of money they brought you and even the reviews or opinions on your application. These numbers are highly important that you should measure with the help of mobile app analytics tools.

Talking about the mobile app analytics tools, these tools can give your highly important information about where your customers come from, their opinions about your apps or services, how often they are using your app, and how you can earn more efficiently.

Today, you can find a lot of mobile app analytics tools that gives you a complete and well-rounded picture of your application’s performance. But how would you find the best mobile analytics tools to use to track the data about your app?

To ease your work of choosing some of the excellent tools, below you can find a list of 5 advanced mobile app analytics tools for digital marketers:

1. Countly

Countly is the most popular and widely used open source mobile analytics and marketing platform that tracks 600M+ innovative identities. Using this tool, you can get insights about the user actions and help you in enhancing your product and turn them into customers.

Countly servers are known for tracking thousands of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and web applications across the world. You can get a better idea about how the user is experiencing your application.

Features of the tool:

 Being a wonderful app marketing tool, it allows you to measure the complete effectiveness of the app based on your users’ experiences.

 This high-end data that you will get after this tool can help you in knowing the good and bad about your application so that you can tweak the user experience and boost the conversion of your goals.

2. Google Analytics

Google is offering mobile analytics tools for both the mobile website as well as your applications, and they both are free of cost. Using Google Mobile Web Analytics tool, it would be easy for you to find out which brands and models of phones are highly popular with your customers, operating systems they use, which service provider you use, their screen resolution and from which websites they were referred.

For your mobile application, you can utilize the Google Apps Analytics tools to learn more information about your new customers, find out how many are new or returning customers and determine what languages they speak. Moreover, this tool also delivers statistics on app behavior, comprising event tracking, conversion statistics, and more.

Features of Google Analytics tool:

 The Universal Analytics of Google Analytic allows you to measure user behavior across your mobile application, web platform, and other devices.

 It gives the reports that are grounded into four categories, including mobile app behavior, acquisitions, mobile app audiences, and mobile app conversion.

 You can also develop a conversion goal in Universal Analytics to monitor your app’s conversion data if your app is monetized using in-app sales or a premium upgrade.

3. Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is another free tool that delivers analytics for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices. Often this tool is used in combination with or as an alternative to Google’s tools. This high-end tool can give you some of the basic information like device and models, carrier information, firmware details, and error reports.

Using this tool, you can also get information about your customers, comprising demographics, the number of active users, average session lengths, retention statistics and more. It will also enable users to learn more about their customers’ interest, choices, and preferences. It will track conversion rates.

Features of Flurry Analytics tool:

 The tool has App Selector feature that allows view data from up to five apps at a single time on your reports.

 Events feature of this tool will help you to track in-app user actions to comprehend and visualize usage trends.

 The age groups feature of the tool will set up custom groups of apps to ease access and check data as you want.

4. Localytics

When it comes to Localytics tool, it is completely different from rest of the analytics tool as it provides highly-detailed data about your app and your users. This data is amazingly shared across Mobile Engagement Platform, giving users the power to discover who your users are, optimize your marketing strategy and more.

The tool is well-known for its easy-to- use feature, and it compares your app in criteria’s (new/returning, sessions, users, etc.) with premium/enterprise versions. You can develop your own queries to get a CSV file with premium/enterprise versions.

Features of Localytics:

 You can get detail app usage and reports by location, device, app version,
carrier, unique users and more.

 Get information about users and sessions

 Day-part Analysis (the time of the day when your users are most active);
Events and attributes.

5. Mixpanel

The most powerful analytics tool for iOS and Android ‘Mixpanel’ is currently used by companies like Salesforce. The tool delivers analytics and tracking based on specific events like in-app purchases, account creation, and more. Using this tool, you can develop funnels of varied events, allowing you to track long-term conversion rates from free user to paid user.

In addition to this, it becomes also easy to segment users based on their behavior to send email, push notifications and SMS to any specific audience based on how they are using your app. One of the main features of the tool is its great event and funnel tracking that make it simple to analyze how users are moving through your app’s sales procedure.

Features of Mixpanel:

  • Mixpanel’s free version allows you to track up to 25000 data points in a single month.
  • It intensely comprehends every single user’s journey with the instant insights for everyone on mobile and the web.
  • The notifications feature of the tool gets your customers to come back through email or push notifications.

Above-mentioned five mobile app analytics tools are highly powerful and advanced for you to adopt. You can adopt any of the above-mentioned tools and track and get important data about your application that is vital to you. No matter whether you have an iPhone or android app, these tools are supported on both the platforms.

In any case, if you are looking forward to customizing any of your mobile app based on iOS or Android platform, you can get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has proficiency in android and iPhone app development.

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