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Microsoft Testing Cortana on Android Lock Screen In Upcoming Update

Microsoft Testing Cortana on Android Lock Screen in Upcoming Update

Microsoft Testing Cortana on Android Lock Screen in Upcoming Update

Nowadays Digital assistants are getting progressively popular. There are many of them with Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and additionally Microsoft’s Cortana. As Windows phones aren’t generally popular, Microsoft debuted its advanced Digital Assistant on Android at the end of the year 2015 with hopes of extending its user base.

Recently Microsoft overhauled Cortana's design on Android and iOS, and now the company looks to make it more accessible on Android smartphone. The company is, in fact, testing a new feature that permits users to access the Cortana digital assistant by just swiping left or right on the Android lock screen.

The report says that once we open the updated Cortana app on your smartphone, we will get a quick message asking permission to enable "Cortana on the lock screen". After bringing its voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana to Android, Microsoft is now apparently aiming to dethrone the native Google Now assistant as the company is looking at ways to make Cortana accessible right from the lock screen. After the setting-up process is complete, we will see Cortana logo at the bottom of your lock screen.

As of now, Microsoft is testing to observe how well its digital assistant functions for the Android users who have agreed to take part in the beta testing program.This means that users will be able to activate Cortana without unlocking their phones.

It's important to repeat that this feature is currently being tested with beta testers in the Google Play. Because this feature is in the testing phase, it could reach in the stable app most likely in the next update. However, if we can't wait to use this feature, sign up for Cortana's beta testing here, and begin fiddling with it directly.

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