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Google Assistant on Pixel Phones Could Soon Get Keyboard Input

Google Assistant on Pixel Phones Could Soon Get Keyboard Input

Google Assistant on Pixel Phones Could Soon Get Keyboard Input

As we have known that a new keyboard icon will appear on the Google Assistant screen. Wiki Google Assistant option, the Internet giant Google took a based digital assistants to another level. The keyboard paste input was discovered in a Teardown of Google app APK. 

Previous year Emma du Google released a version of Google assistant on three different products which are the pixel smartphones, Google Allo, and Google home. Until now there is only one way to interact with the assistant outside the and 9 apps has been used voice but that may soon change. 

The cure down session of APK file from a new beta version of Google app for the Android, Android police discovered that the keyboard paste input could be coming the Google assistant for the pixel and pixel XL. It is that you can only communicate with Google system through voice on pixel smartphones so when this keyboard input features finally arrive there is a keyboard icon will start showing up while you interact with Google assistant application and typing on it will allow you to type your query automatically by your voice recognition. 

So, however, it still remains to PC if there would be a difference between the start of replies you get from Google Assistant with and without the keyboard input. This file which is APK file Care down also revealed that the assistant good at Support for Android wear but also it is still not clear if this would only be for wearable bed with pixel smartphones for a wide range of phones. There is also an another feature that has been discovered in that you down APK file and that is it is a bear mention of search just juice in the app file died on which suggest the Google Assistant might be testing some just choose input features in the pixel launcher for Google Now launcher. 

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