Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer: Your 10 Point Cheat-Sheet

Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer: Your 10 Point Cheat-Sheet

Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer: Your 10 Point Cheat-Sheet

Recently it’s been announced from the billionaire Mukesh Ambani that the Reliance Jio is offering another 3 months of Predator 2 new users with free services being offered. Location Ambani saying that the company was working to iron out voice and data quality problems to help lure customers from Rivals. 

Reliance Jio sim services debuted on September 5th, 2016 and were initially meant to be free until December but due to some qualities and voice quality and as well as data quality Ambani has announced on Thursday that the starting December 4th every customer would get a full bouquet of Jio  Services free until 31st March. The company had in September on nouns traffic plans of as low as Rs149 a month for data and feel mobile phone calls and Roaming across India. 

The Di competitors including Bharti Airtel Limited and Vodafone group has been enlisted Indian Unit have also Cat traffics In the response by as much as 67% and address 4th generation core 4G  services in an effort to prevent customer defections. Uses of Reliance Jio are entitled to free calls and data till the end of March as per Mukesh Ambani announced on Thursday. The direction of earth at risk everything for free of a was originally introduced in September and was to last until the end of the year as we know that it’s been extended for more 3 months for the new users. This means that anyone who signs of starting Sunday will not take for voice or Data Services. Those who are subscribed earlier existing customers will automatically get 3 months of extension  for free benefits . 

Reliance jio is India's only and entirely 4G network other user mix 4G, and 3G for data ,plus 2G for voice calls but reliance jio’s sim  uses for 4G voice as well as Data Services also. 

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