Moto Z 'Likely' to Receive Tango Functionality via Moto Mod

Moto Z 'Likely' to Receive Tango Functionality via Moto Mod

Moto Z 'Likely' to Receive Tango Functionality via Moto Mod, Says Lenovo SVP

In an event in Chicago, Chairman and President of Motorola in SVP Lenovo mobile business has confirmed that Moto Z me soon to see if Tango functionality. Lenovo has worked in collaboration with Google to develop the Tango phone. This time would you love will be released for Moto Z. The tablet phone update a tablet and worked with Google and the Tango 3 to come out with Cat Tango phablet.

The Google’s project Tango focuses around machine vision which means that the camera and sensor setup termites motion tracking even and even the depth perception and area learning also. The features I love in evening Di Augmented reality on a device that can make applications like indoor navigation search engine works.

The Lenovo phab 2 Pro sports total cameras and 8-megapixel front camera for 6th make a pixel rare RGB camera at sensing in parrot camera with the image and an ammeter as well as motion tracking camera. The Moto G smartphone has been launched in India back in October and was priced at Rs 39999. Did Moto Z supports Moto mods, which connects to the rear of a smartphone via the 16- dot connector interface.

Lenovo phab 2 Pro is the first time study smart phone. Lenovo phab 2 Pro smartphone Mini one of the first smartphones to be Tango Reddy right out of the box. But the company, however, has planned to roll out the smartphone reality functionality to the Moto Z as well. How the smartphone is has been released in the month of October 2016 in which days a new feature which is being added by Lenovo that is tango module which is famous informed above for Moto Z. 

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