Pokemon Go for Apple Watch Release Date Is Coming Soon

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch Release Date Is Coming Soon

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch Release Date Is 'Coming Soon': 

From the latest update of the Apple watch, it has been revealed that Pokemon goes for Apple watch it's been revealed at Apple's iPhone 7 event. The update is it is an unfinished port. Pokemon Go, developer, Niantic tweeted that Pokemon go will still come to the apple watch. Still, the release date has not been updated Oru What to Expect When it hits. The headline has been updated to clarify this.

As the Pokemon go for Apple what is coming soon so stay tuned for the official Pokemon go Twitter account that runs by Niantic. Developers of Niantic have taken to reveal the Pokemon go for Apple watch was announced at Apple's iPhone 7 event earlier in the year. The Niantic has not offered it up any details as to why it is seized development of the Pokemon go apple watch application.

In a customer support email response, there was an Alleged  Niantic representative stated that plants have been seized if demand for an apple watch sports increases will continue developing of a port. 

Pokemon go is ready to head India on android and IOS in partnership with Reliance jio as well this was followed by a festive update allowing players to Catch special edition Pikachu in Pokemon for games like Pokemon gold and silver. While most of the original Pokemon with present when Pokemon go first head so some of these Chacha eyes dittos could be got from last month. It will be really interesting to see how many more I added in Pokemon go official launch in India. 

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