EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

Loss of data in various devices is the biggest issue with people in the present digital world.  However, the recovery of data lost in any form, including formatting and deleting has been made easier by the EaseUS recovery software. 

Here is a detailed review of the EaseUS data recovery software. The analysis comprises of its benefits, disadvantages, and features. EaseUS recovery software is available in two versions, the paid and free version. The review is based on the free version.


The EaseUS data recovery software has a sturdy design, which makes the user interface in a friendly way. In fact, the recovery software features some few buttons and option, designed uniquely for data recovery. The sturdy design makes navigation through the interface easy. 

The data recovery software does not require technical skills, as the user can easily recover lost data through a few clicks. In short EaseUS data recovery software has attractive and easy to use design.


You can only recover 500MB of data lost with the utilization of the free EaseUS data recovery version. However, if you consider the present usage pattern of individuals, the amount is petite. To increase the amount to 2GB, you should share information concerning EaseUS recovery software on social media and 1.5GB will be offered provided.

The greatest feature of EaseUS data recovery software is the ability to choose the particular kind of data you are trying to recover such as photos, video, email, audio, document and others. The feature reduces the time needed to scan and offers good results. 

Besides, you can choose the general file locations, such as drives, library or desktop from which you want to look for deleted data. Additionally, EaseUS data recovery software portrays lost disk drives and allows you to choose them for scanning.

The scanning process gets started after you click on the scan button. As the process continues, you can see the estimated time on the next window. Nevertheless, EaseUS recovery software is swift, and the scanning process takes less than two minutes. Also, you can either pause or stop the process, using the dedicated buttons of the recovery software.

When the scanning process is over, a list of all data to be recovered that has been traced is shown.  Besides, you can check for a particular file type by clicking the necessary button. After selecting the files and folders to recover, the EaseUS recovery software shows a preview of the files for confirmation. After confirming, you just click the recover button to retrieve your lost data.

EaseUS data recovery software also offers users with the option to choose the location or drive where they want to save extracted files. It is advisable not to use the same drive that the data got lost previously.

The recovery software offers a deep scan option, where you can perform deep scanning if the scan results content you.  However, deep scanning takes more time. Besides, the data recovery software offers an export scan results option, where you can export the scan results and use them later after importing, without scanning again.


The EaseUS data recovery software is swift and easy to use, without any technical skills. Besides, the recovery software offers users with many choices, such as reviewing the outcomes, quick and profound scanning, importing and exporting of scan results, among others.

Free EaseUS data recovery software is useful in recovering small amounts of data, while a large amount of data requires the use of a paid version of the recovery software. 

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