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    Google Sales Force Said To Be Interested In Buying Twitter

    Google Sales Force Said To Be Interested In Buying Twitter

    Google Sales Force Said To Be Interested In Buying Twitter

    The company business usually struggles have come even as the 10-year-old service has evolved into a potent Global source of news. As it has come to know Salesforce said to be interested in buying Twitter. Oh so stoned Realtors that sales force is also in Pursuit. Twitter Shaz out more than 19% $2.22. 22 per share.  It is marking the largest since their first day of trading in 2013. 

    The company now increased in market value of around $1 16 billion. Twitter still has not yet been able to crack social media on its own despite several efforts. As sales force surprised the most unexpected development on Friday which was salesforce.com interest in acquiring Twitter. 

    Salesforce service business customers with cloud-based computing service and which has virtually no presence in consumer media. Salesforce.com is been licensed the Twitter firehouse of all tweets that come thru the platform and used by the other tools that show the company and brand are being discussed and perceived. As of now the second quarter, the company had and accumulated loss of newly dollar 2.3 billionths since its Inception. Import boost more users 10 twitter by most measures even though there are much Newer to be used. 

    The company has also faced the criticism for the failure of stem abuse on the platform and for missing the opportunity to play with girls in the messaging Arena. Twitter has many uses approximately 313 million monthly users just up to 3% from here. As the co-founder Jack Dorsey returned to the company as chief executive in 2015 while she telling his role as seen payment companies square. Recently the moves to be a big player in life video, including a deal to broadcast NFL games are very new to be reflected in news growth or at sales.

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