Google Maps For Live Right Now Respond to Ok Google

Google maps for live right now respond to Ok Google

Google maps for live right now respond to Ok Google

Users can now change the root and ask in truth questions with the command gives by the user of the Android. 9Apps gonna respond to the OK Google words. It is finally received the much needed by the OK Google hot word Support in its application. 

Now the user can start navigation and change the navigation add another route, just by proceeding the corresponding voice command with the Ok Google. This will eliminate the need to we touch the smart Android phone or typing on the microphone icon to start the voice assistant. This also enables full voice assistant, which means you can now ask Google Maps whether you have to take this done or the next done ahead. Navigating to home is now available with this new update. It is very useful while driving especially. 

The Ok Google command will work for all Android user automatically. Once this app is updated then this is very much helpful to find the particular destination. If it does not work then go to the setting options and switch on the OK Google hot word detection, then the application will be updated to be used. Recently the OK Google Map got a revamp and now dons a more user-friendly design. 

This change includes a cleaner and simple look with balance colour schemes, and a new feature called area of interest that highlights the place where there is a lot of activities and things to do. Your interest is busier periods off the map that will be shared it in orange for users to zoom and peek. And also make a pit stop if they will. This new update usually commands to Support eliminate the need to touch Lo smartphone. Maps will not respond to the OK Google hot word like examples why loses are driving Deccan Now command out to the OK Google followed by the action the need to perform and the Android application will oblige dutifully. 

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