WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Siri Integration And Quick Forward Button

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Siri Integration, Quick Forward Button

WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Siri Integration, Quick Forward Button

WhatsApp for iPhone has been updated with some new features that contain new features for iOS 10 users such as, option to send messages and make calls using Siri commands, take calls directly from the lock screen and a new widget that displays recent chats and messages. 

WhatsApp for iPhone has been refreshed with Siri integration and also with a Quick Forward button in version v2.16.10. Furthermore, the iPhone app of the popular mobile messenger platform brings in new features to improve in-app sharing. Though, the app also takes advantage of Siri’s integration with third parties in iOS 10.

Siri should prompt a user for access, but in case it doesn't head to Settings > Siri > App Support > WhatsApp. Switch the toggle on, and a user should be able to use Siri to do the above-mentioned WhatsApp functions.

These new features are possible because of Apple's conclusion to open up Siri to third-party apps. WhatsApp is one the first to roll out these Siri-centric features on its iPhone app. In future, we can expect more apps to ship with Siri integration.other iOS 10 special feature is the ability to place a Widget on the lock screen and home screen, which allow the user easily see recent chats and unread messages. The update also lets the user pick up WhatsApp calls from the lock screen just like normal calls. Earlier, iPhone users had to swipe right, unlock the phone, and then pick up the call after the WhatsApp app was opened on screen.

In addition, WhatsApp for iPhone also announced a new feature that permits the camera to switch from front to rear and vice versa just by double tapping on the screen. WhatsApp newly launched a voicemail feature to iPhone and Android permitting users to leave a voice message if a WhatsApp call is not answered. Previous, the iPhone app also established bigger emojis, the ability to mark as read/ delete/ archive multiple chats at once, share and forward multiple chats, and the choice to zoom in while recording a video. 

WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10 also comes with an enhanced feature to easily make in-app forwarding and file sharing. Assume, if we receive a photo to video on WhatsApp and would like to forward or share it with friends. We can simply tap on the arrow button near the appropriate photo or video. Hence, we can share the media resources quickly and easily. It is also possible to share photos and videos in many chats.

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