Sony Announces Two New Colours For Playstation Vita Slim 2000

Sony Announces Two New Colours For Playstation Vita Slim 2000

Sony Announces Two New Colours For PS Vita Slim 2000 

Sony has declared two brand new colors for the PlayStation Vita at their pre-Tokyo Game Show PlayStation Japan conference. The two new colors contain the sexy new metallic red, as well as a new shade of grayish white, and both are amongst the best looking PS Vita colors on the market.

Silver and Metallic Red join the likes of Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, and Glacier White in Japan. While Aqua Blue ended up making it stateside entirely via GameStop, the others did not. The new Vita colors will be presented for JPY 18,980.

As for other regions, rumors of it being stopped have been rumbling for a while as quantities have been small, to begin with. As per to sources at retail here in India, Sony's last shipment of the PS Vita was almost a year ago.

"They brought in around 1,500 last year and nothing else," a game store owner told Gadgets 360. "It might not be end-of-life but it's not selling much anyway."

This should come as no surprise in view of that local retail interest to the PS Vita has been tepid at best. The high price doesn't help either.

The only sad bit here is that neither of these colors is likely to make it over to the west- after all, in Japan, the Vita is an actual healthy platform, which sells a good amount and has a fair amount of support, versus over here in the west, where the handheld is all but dead. Both the new colors go on sale in Japan on December 1.

"The installed base is much smaller compared to any other console," said the erstwhile PlayStation India head Atindriya Bose in an interview with Gadgets 360 last year. "While it's nice to say it's a handheld console, it strikes the price point of the PS3, so which one should you have between the two?"

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