PS4 Pro Cannot Play Blu-Ray Disc At 4K

PS4 Pro Cannot Play Blu-Ray Disc At 4K

PS4 Pro Cannot Play Blu-Ray Disc At 4K

PS4 Pro does not play in Blu-ray disc because it only supports 4K content via streaming. As it only primarily for gaming purpose. Ask PS4 Pro is showing off the variety of games that would take advantage of 4K resolution and of course VR. It has only gaming Commission do the console can play games at 4 k, it cannot play Blu-rays at 4 k. 

This Sony Company is championing some of the latest advancements in technology such as VR, HBR, and ultra HD/4k resolutions. At this point of time, the maximum quality for User experience. Previously in a PlayStation meeting the PS4 Pro, earlier known as the PS4 Neo.  

The PS4 Pro is exactly what it sounds like an upgrade version but not completely Reinvention of the PS4 Pro hardware. A new slim version of the standard PS4 Pro will arrive in stores next week as well. After spending time in 3rd place during the PS3 generation, the PS4 from has been a huge success of Sony comma dominating the market against the other competitors like Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Wii u.

US PS4 Pro had already sold over 40 million units comma and that number has likely reached even higher in the month since. The fact that Sony as a company was heavily instrumental in not only to the creation of the Blu-ray standard but with the strong support does Sony market share of standard Blu-Ray. 

It seems quite free relaxing that the company has chosen to not even try. Unfortunately, Sony has no reportedly confirmed that the games are definitely in store for an upgraded experience with the PS4 Pro, movies lovers are not so likely. Sony has no opted to not upgrade the capabilities of the PS4 device disc for the pro. While it's true that physical media market health tips quite a bit in the last decade.

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