Snapchat Announces Location-Specific 'Geo-Stickers'

Snapchat Announces Location-Specific 'Geo-Stickers'

Snapchat Announces Location-Specific 'Geo-Stickers'

Snapchat has introduced Geostickers for the app. These special stickers are only presented in some of the world’s biggest cities, which will only be available to use when a user is physically present there. Geostickers are presently available in Lost Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Honolulu, London, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Sao Paula and Riyadh. The location facilities of the app need to be active in order to use these stickers. These stickers can also be covered with images or sent using the app's messaging feature. 

The stickers have a similar appealing to the app's other stickers, which rolled out in the app's big chat update previous this year, but are considered specifically for their city. Just like the app's geofilters, which only work in specified locations, the geo-stickers will only show to users in the cities they represent.

The launch almost looks like an effort to recollect the news cycle from Instagram which launched “Stories,” a Snapchat another, earlier this morning. Notably, Storie's deficiencies location filters, stickers and speed effects.

Geo-specific features have been pretty a draw for people and businesses. Geofilters, which let users join location-specific art onto their snaps, have established a large community dedicated to producing custom filters. Businesses can even yield Geofilters to promote for events that are geofenced and permitted for a pre-set time.

Instagram newly copied Snapchat’s popular “Stories” feature, permitting for photos and videos to dissolve after 24 hours. Snapchat Stories is a popular feature that was introduced in 2013 and has some of its content go viral, uploaded on YouTube or shared on other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook . Stories on Instagram share an amazing resemblance to Snapchat Stories, in which a user can share multiple videos and images that will seem in a slideshow called “Your Story”.

Snapchat already has another location-specific feature called Geofilters – intended to share the “when and where” of a Snap in an overlap, whether being additional to a story or sending it to a friend. Snapchat had announced the ability to create custom Geofilters earlier this year.

Geostickers builds on this community and offers another platform for customizable expression. Last month the addition comes on the heels of Bitmoji integration with Snapchat. The app allows people create personalized self-reflective emoji that can be used as stickers in snaps.

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