Apple Releases Security Update With iOS 9.3.4

Apple Releases Security Update With iOS 9.3.4

Apple released iOS 9.3.4, a minor update to the mobile operating system powering the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Release notes associated the small download mention that iOS 9.3.4 provides “an important security update” and is suggested for all iOS 9 users. 

The update can be applied over-the-air on iOS 9 devices in 
Settings → General → Software Update and has been confirmed to patch the Pangu jailbreak.

“iOS 9.3.4 provides an important security update for your iPhone or iPad and is recommended for all users,” according to the prompt. The new firmware is also accessible through our Download section.

IOS 9.3.4 comes about two weeks after the entrance of the third maintenance update, iOS 9.3.3, only to fix an important security issue that was used by the Pangu Team to jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3.

According to Apple, the security issue was, in fact, a memory fraud bug, which could have permitted an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. The iOS 9.3.4 update addresses the issue by improving the memory handling.

IOS 9.3.4 is likely to be the last update to iOS 9, with iOS 10 approaching in September together with new iOS devices. IOS 10 brings a swing of new features, including a overhauled Lock screen experience, an overhauled Messages app with new functionality and its own App Store, a new Pictures app with object and facial recognition, a reformed Music app, a centralized HomeKit app, and a Siri SDK for developers. 

IOS 9.3.4 is focused on one big security update but like its predecessor, it’s also got a collection of problems to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch owners.

To update iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wirelessly, just plug the device to power and check for a stable internet with Wi-Fi. Go to the Settings app, go to the General section, and press on the Software Update entry. Wait for the iOS 9.3.4 to appear, then click the Download and Install button, agree to the license terms and wait for the update to be installed.

As normal, the installation and download process will depend on our network bandwidth and device's specifications. During the update process, our device will be restarted a couple of times, so don't panic because it's normal.

Lastly, tap Install. Alternately, we can schedule the update for a suitable time by clicking Later and select Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If we choose Install Tonight, just connect our iOS device before we go to sleep. our device will update automatically overnight. Enter the passcode if asked to do so.

We can also update our device using iTunes. All we need to do is install the newest version of iTunes on the PC. Then connect our iPhone/iPad to the PC, launch iTunes and select our device. Click the Summary tab and click Check for Update. If the update is open, just click Download and Update and we are done. 

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