WhatsApp Adds New Fonts Try This

WhatsApp Adds New Fonts Try This

WhatsApp Adds New Font Try This

Facebook’s instant messaging app, Whatsapp has announced quite a few new features. Earlier The company launched styles of italics, bold, and strikethrough text in the iOS, android, and web app. Now the latest beta version of WhatsApp packed a new font which can be used by adding three backticks ``` at the start and end of the message. 

The users can answer in the chat or just to the specific message by means of this new font. It is uncertain when the font, called 'FixedSys' by users for its similarity to Microsoft's font of the same name, will roll out to the stable customers for iOS and Android.

Users of WhatsApp v2.16.179 beta for Android, which is accessible via Google Play's beta program, are seeing the new font, and so are users of the iOS beta reportedly.

All users have to do to use the new monospaced Fixedsys font, which is supposed to send snippets of code more easily, is type the grave accent (`) symbol thrice before and after the phrase or word. The text reviews into the new font before users send it, and cannot be combined with other formatting options like bold and italics.

However there is no much change in the font, it adds more space between every letter in the message. Including emoji in between the backtick will not get any change to it. 

All user have to do is add three ` characters to their conversation.

For example, a user could say ```Helllo``` & ```How are you? ``` - and their message would be converted into the new font. 

However, if a user is using an iPhone, a user may struggle to find this character as it's not involved on the default iOS keyboard – user will have to download another keyboard from the App store.

Once the user is signed up as Tester, WhatsApp will be revealed in the Beta section in the “My apps & games” menu in the Play Store. The rumored video calling option is, however, to be made accessible while the voice calling is announced in early 2015.

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