Twitter Android App Gets An Eye Saving Night Mode

Twitter Android App Gets An Eye Saving Night Mode

Twitter’s android app now is making easier to use in dark light. The company has been updated the android app a dark themed mode for nighttime is added for the crazy people who are the Twitter freak. This feature should make night tweeting easier on our eyes. 

The feature can be found in the application main menu under the profile icon,where it’s can easily switch it on or off. Once it dark of at night,the night mode gets on and the app becomes to a darker color palette. Officially there is no word yet on a similar feature for iOS. White and blue may be Twitter’s official look,but not eye friendly at night,now with this mobile app feature will come to buzz for the Twitter users,which won’t be a problem from now on. This is not a new feature in the Twitter,as it’s just feature which is easier in the dark. 

As for iOS?while, there is not mention of night mode yet. It’s likely coming in the near future. Twitter’s night mode is already launched and roll out to the android user today. 

Night modes are most requested features for apps that people tend to use while trying to short so this new feature in Twitter or android will certainly be welcomed with open arms. As it took a while,but Twitter for android users can finally enjoy their tweets when the sun is set for the day. There were rumours that apple Inc. 

Adding a form of dark mode to their next version of iOS,which is gonna expands at existing night mode feature which reduces the amount of blue light that is emitted from the screen. Now this new features is gonna have a buzz for a while until some other brand does not launch one. 

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