New Version In Google Hangouts User Can Record And Send Video

New Version In Google Hangouts Can Record And Send Video

Now Google Hangouts On Android User Can Record And Send Video

Google has started rolling out an update on the Play Store for the company’s Hangouts app, which is supposed to add support for recording and firing off video messages. Hangouts version 11 will be enclosed with the ability to send and receiving video messaging, which means user are able to make video calls all the long way round. Finally, it comes to Android users.

To send a video message, the user needs to choose the video-camera icon in Hangouts, record a clip and then confirm that they want to send it. As Android Police notes, although the user can send video messages within a conversation, the user can’t observe them in-line on the app. The user will require a separate app to do that, which is a slight oversight that will hopefully be ironed out in later versions.

Hangouts 11 is not yet on the Google Play store, but if a user is a keen user can download an installer through APKMirror, as long as the user have a 64-bit device.

In February 2014, First Google permitted iOS Hangouts users to record and send video albeit with a 10-second limit. That was upped to a full minute in March this year, but Android users were still left out, having to make do with updates like the capability to send stickers in Google Voice conversations. Google still appears to be making better apps for iPhone than for its own operating system, but the new update should at least make Hangouts more equal as Google pushes it live across many stores this week.

Google has also updated the iOS version of raising the maximum length of video messages from 1 minute to 2 minutes, and the facility to kick someone out of a Hangouts group. The ability to combine SMS and Hangouts conversations in the Android version has been deleted from version 11.As per the report, Google said it did this because it initiated confusion and had low usage.

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