Microsoft's Xbox One S Will Launch On 2nd August

Microsoft's Xbox One S Will Launch On 2nd August

Microsoft's Xbox One S Will Launch On 2nd August

One of the most thrilling and least surprising declarations at E3 2016 was that of the Xbox One S. After months of assumption, Microsoft finally revealed a sleeker, slimmer model of its latest console, but the company wasn’t prepared to share an exact release date quite yet. On Monday that all changed, finally  Microsoft has declared that its previously announced Xbox One S console will be introducing on August 2 in 25 markets.  

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Matt Lapsen revealed that “the 2TB Xbox One launch edition would hit store shelves and on August 2nd. Preorders are already ongoing, and anyone who preorders in time is expected to receive their console on the 2nd. Those who opt not to preorder might have some difficulty finding an Xbox One S, as Microsoft says demand is high and quantities will be limited”.

There is one catch. The Xbox One S will be presented in three different capacities and amount tags -- a 500GB version for $299, a 1TB version for $349 and a 2TB version for $399. Though only the 2TB version lifts off on August 2, Matt Lapsen, general manager for Xbox Devices Marketing, said in a blog post on Monday.

A company spokeswoman said, Next week Microsoft will have more to share about the 1TB and 500GB Xbox One S consoles, which will present later this year.

Microsoft has tried a number of strategies to boost Xbox One sales, together with bundling free games, reducing the price and offering a Kinect-free version of the console. But the Xbox One S characterizes a new shift. The console is cheaper, smaller, and throws in support for 4K streaming services and 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs as a way to do battle with both gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

By supporting 4K resolution, the Xbox One S will show more vibrant colors and darker blacks. The higher resolution works with TV shows and movies natively but will also support games by upscaling them to 4K. However, the user will need a 4K compatible TV.

The Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One console, which was declared back in 2013 and supports HDR and 4K video. Moreover, it will ship with a brand-new controller with grips and increased range — this can also be bought separately for $60. It also features an IR blaster and comes with a Bluetooth connectivity and Xbox wireless controller with textured grip. 

As for now, the regions that will be getting on the Xbox One S on August 2nd are as follows: Austria, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Finland,  Greece, Ireland,  Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Netherlands,Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland,  Sweden, UK, Turkey and United States.

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