Google Photos Now Supports Slideshows Feature

Google Photos Now Supports Slideshows

Google Photos Now Supports Slideshows Feature

Google Photos is a legally incredible thing, connecting the power of advanced machine learning and neural networks to automatically sort our pictures into albums and turn our library into an infinitely searchable database, the likes of which would have been challenging to imagine just a few years ago.

Google has added support for slideshows in the Google Photos app. Now users can open a photo and select the Slideshow option from the drop-down menu to play all the photos in the album one after the other. The option will be presented in the latest update for Google Photos.

"You like crowding friends and family around your computer or TV to show them photos of last weekend's adventure," the company wrote. "You don't like clicking 132 times to show them each photo."

"For the ultimate viewing experience, cast the Chrome tab to your TV while you sit back, relax, and make everyone jealous with your amazing photos," Google recommended.

The new Google Photos feature is restricted, though, to just a Slideshow. There are no duplicate pictures being shown, no stoppage and no randomizing effects. The Slideshow only displays photos in the selected album. For making a better Slideshow, users will must to edit and move photos around on their own.

The new slideshow feature applied in the Google Photos app permits users to play through photos in any album automatically, offering a hands-free way to impress their friends or family. The feature is available now to Android and web users, but it is still unclear when to imagine an iOS update as well.

The usual Google Photos features are still there: automatic organization, free storage of photos, backup of unedited photos up to 16MP and 1080p, quick access to photos and videos,  search, comments, timestamp, smarter photo albums and album editing, memory, and better editing on the web. 

The update comes after Google previous this year rolled out a feature that automates a lot of the album organization tasks user possibly wish user had time to do. Once we've uploaded our snapshots, Google Photos will suggest a new album, curated with what it thinks are your best images. It then adds maps and drops location pins to show how where we snapped the pics. The user can add text captions to complete the album, and then share it with their friends and family.

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