Now Facebook Brings Virtual Reality Experience In 360-degree Videos

Now Facebook Brings Virtual Reality Experience In 360-degree Videos

Now Facebook Brings Virtual Reality Experience In 360-degree Videos

Today, Facebook-owned Oculus declared the launch of 360-degree video reactions for the Gear VR headset. Hence now, when viewing Facebook videos using Samsung's virtual reality goggles, user I'll be able to choose between the social network's standard series of reactions, with the like or one of the five new emoji reactions. When seeing 360-degree videos, a user will also be able to see others' reactions float by on the screen as well.

On Wednesday Facebook said it will begin rolling out support for its Reactions emojis for 360 videos viewed on Samsung's virtual reality goggles. Users will be able to add one of Facebook's five emoji reactions -- such as "love" or "like" -- to videos they're watching, as well as see the reactions of other VR viewers.

The new support highlights the emphasis Facebook is putting on emphasis on virtual reality, an increasing field that promises to transport headset-wearing users to computer-generated environments, immersive, be it floating through outer space or walking with dinosaurs.

Today Samsung established that the Gear 360 camera costs $349.99 in the United States. It also established the limited release of this camera in the country.

The company is only going to sell it at VidCon which is underway in Anaheim, California. Gear 360 is only going to be presented for purchase this week during VidCon.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera has a pair of 15MP cameras with F2.0 lenses kept in a round body. The cameras record 360-degree videos at 3840 x 1920 pixels when used together, as well as spherical still images. The camera also permits users to record content with only one camera for 180-degree content. The Gear 360 camera only works with the latest Samsung mobile devices, for now at least, including the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, S6 edge, Galaxy S6, and S6 edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5.

In addition, the company has given new name Samsung Milk VR app for viewing 360-degree content to simply 'Samsung VR,' and has opened up the platform to user-generated content. Lastly, Samsung has unveiled a new initiative called Samsung Creators. Under the initiative, Samsung is working with indie filmmakers and others to develop 360-degree content for its own virtual reality platform. Samsung Makers has a competition planned for July in which ten winners will be selected for their VR content spanning ten categories: Auto, Music, Science and Tech, Travel, Gaming, Fashion, Cause-related, Culinary, 4D, and Sports.

Users will also be able to see the reactions of other Facebook users float by the screen, which you can only imagine will make the experience less isolated. 

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