Top 5 Keys To Building Really Strong Relationships

5 Keys To Building Really Strong Relationships

This thought may often come to our mind that we can be closer to some persons than we really are. Relations with anyone is like a sapling which needs manure  of five very important points. 

If one remembers and follows all these five points, he or she will not only be closer to the friends and family but are likely to be more likable by other.

1. The first basic point is Communication.This is the first fundamental quality which one should possess. Sound communications skills play an instrumental role in shaping relations. This applies in both persona;l and professional;l life. This is the reason why to have good communication skills is paramount.

2. Quality time is the second most important thing. Nobody prefers to be the second priority. Spend time with those that you hope to build relationships with, and actually, be present for the experiences you share together. Pay heed to what they say and be available for them in the time of need. You'll undoubtedly reach a stronger relationship as a result.

3. No one can deny that Laughter is the medicine for almost everything. One should try to do the most fun thing to the people with whom one wants to strengthen his bonding. Laughter releases stress and calms down the mind. And generally, also, funny people are loved by everyone.

4. The next comes generosity. Even though you may not think that people notice, it pays to be kind. People always remember small acts of generosity done for them liking buying them a cup of coffee, loan them an umbrella when it's raining. So these small acts of generosity make a real big difference. Being generous with each other is easy, but usually sincere, way to show that you care about and value this person without needing to say much at all.

5. At last, it is Commitment because one who keeps his word is often a reliable and strong human which gives firmness to a relationship. The ability to commit to your words--whether it's something as simple as getting lunch or something as important as a promised promotion--is inarguable the thing people look for most in good relations. Don't make the mistake of being the one who flake.

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