Snapchat Launches Stick Emoji Stickers That Move With Your Videos

Snapchat Launches Stick Emoji Stickers That Move With Your Videos 

Snapchat videos just got even more interesting with new emoji stickers, which user can attach to objects and move with them, changing the size and even orientation.

For those who loves to add emojis to video clips on Snapchat, the company behind the ephemeral messaging app has introduced an update that will make things more exciting. The feature is rolling out today for those on Android and will allow the user to make emojis rotate, move, and scale automatically with the video. Snapchat users can add emoji, or multiple emoji, to an object in a video. An iOS release is expected “very shortly.” For example, Snapchat has a cat emoji on a real cat video. Another example places rabbit heads on the faces of passengers in a taxi.

It may possibly look like magic, but the update is actually part of Snapchat’s increasingly sophisticated tech offerings within the app. Snapchat has both object recognition and spatial mapping that permit the emoji to move around the video. Prior to this update, Snapchat users could enlarge and add emoji-only on still photos. 

Don't worry if a user still wants to use emojis that stays in one spot — Snapchat will allow the user to use both dynamic and static emoji in their videos. The emoji stickers can even interact with the normal emoji. The imaginative possibilities are endless.

Emoji stickers until now have been stationary on the screen, that means no matter what was happening in the video, it would remain in that fixed spot on your mobile device. Now when you film a video, place the emoji wherever the user wants in the snap, press down on it, and attach the emoji to get it to stick.

Probably User can connect a number of emoji stickers in a single video if user need, placing them throughout objects after catching their video.

You have seen this kind of moving "sticker" earlier than. YouTube's dynamic blurring boxes are built proper into the service's video editor. During the last year, Snapchat has introduced ever-more-sophisticated updates like selfie lenses ,to its video recording, thanks largely to its acquisition of Looksery in 2015. 

Despite the fact that it may seem like a minor update, this has the potential to make videos more creative. After all, a stationary smiley face doesn’t generally look that good if the body it’s supposed to be “attached” to keep moving around. 

Snapchat claims more than 100 million daily active users and says more than 60 percent of 13- to 34-year-old smartphone users in the U.S. use the app.

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