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Panasonic Lumix GX85: A High-Performance 4K Camera For 800USD

Panasonic Lumix GX85: A High-Performance 4K Camera For 800USD

Panasonic Lumix GX85 Is A High-Performance 4K Camera For 800USD

Panasonic’s Lumix GX85 is the company’s newest dense mirrorless camera, intended for budget-minded amateur and enthusiast photographers. The compatible lens camera utilizes a new 16-megapixel sensor without a low-pass filter and new Venus image processor, and a new 5-axis Dual Image Stabilizer. 

It is accomplished of 8 frames per second (fps) with single autofocus and 6 fps with continuous self-adjust. The camera autofocuses in 0.07 seconds and has the greatest ISO of 25,600 for low-light shooting. The GX85, in black or silver, will be available at the end of May, for $800, and will come with a 12-32mm lens.   

On the back of the camera is a 3-inch touchscreen with 1.4 million dots that inclines up 80 degrees and down 45 degrees. Selfie junkies will be dissatisfied to hear the screen doesn't flip all the way around.

For a considerable length of time Panasonic's GH4 has been the go-to consumer camera to record high-quality 4Kvideo. However with an MSRP of $1,500 for the camera body, it's still more than what many people are ready to use.  

In case we are in the market for a new camera with 4K recording, the GX85 resembles a strong option to consider. Eight hundred bucks get you the camera in either silver or black with a 12-32mm kit lens when it comes out on toward the end of May.

Panasonic says it is enhanced image quality by 10% over its previous 16-megapixel cameras by eliminating the low-pass filter, a filter that generates a moiré-free image at the expense of finer details. 

The GX85 mixes a blend of strong features and conservative size that are in many ways similar to 4K cousins from the same brand,  similar to the Lumix GX8 and the slightly bulkier Lumix G7KS. Yet, this new shooter is also definitely its own device, featuring an especially compact body that’s less than a couple inches thick and not even five inches wide. Also, the camera’s weight fills out at approximately one pound. 

Even more excitingly, the Panasonic Lumix GX85 also comes with focus connecting technology for selecting focal points for images even after they’ve been captured. These can be selected on the cameras adjustable 3-inch touchscreen, which is settled in close to the GX85’s digital viewfinder.

Panasonic is introducing the new Lumix GX85 in late May, with a rate of generally $800, which includes a 24-64mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens.

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