Facebook Will Announce Chatbot For Messenger And Live Chat APIs At F8 Conference

Facebook Will Announce Chatbot For Messenger And Live Chat APIs At F8 Conference

Facebook Will Announce Chatbot For Messenger And Live Chat APIs At F8 Conference.

After Microsoft, Facebook is gaming big on chatbots and is estimated to make some related declaration at the F8 next week.

Facebook is working with developers to build chatbots and Live Chat web plugins for business users. The tools are said to be formally declared next week at the social network’s F8 conference. Chatbots will take into consideration for businesses to offer automated response systems for responding to inquiries from potential customers and “structured messages” from businesses on Facebook Messenger. Chatbots are basically chatted robots powered using a combination of AI and human help. 

Interestingly, Microsoft had likewise shown a similar technological approach during the Build conference a couple days back. The Redmond giant declared Bot Framework so that any anybody one can build chatbots. Clearly, the targeted clients for this service are enterprises and other business administrations. 

For one thing, the idea of Live chat isn’t new. User has seen many websites host similar automated customer care services. Just click on the button to contact a website and user will be forwarded to a chat bot that will acknowledge and solve our issues. Here the development is that Facebook is hoping to integrate this tech into its Messenger service. This means, if users select to contact a website, they will be rerouted to the Messenger application /web administration and keep chatting with the business.  

The “Structured Messages” that chatbots will offer as part of their replies to users include information such as titles, URLs, images and calls to action such as inspiration to visit a website, review an e-commerce order, or make a reservation at a restaurant. 

The APIs that Facebook is providing organizations will make the growth of chatbots much simpler. They will no more need to build up the complex technologies themselves or run around the Internet trying to find somebody who can help. . Facebook will get all of you the help you require.

The F8 Facebook Developer Conference meeting happens on April 12-13 at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in San Francisco.

Facebook can NOT begin a chatbot and chat customer service revolution on its own. By raising an ecosystem of developers to help businesses the same way it did with advertisements and Page publishing, it could ensure every place is covered. And the more of our communication that’s transmitted through Messenger, the closer to the Facebook family of apps we’ll stay. 

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