Sony Projector Convert Any Surface Into Touchscreen Display

Sony Projector Convert Any Surface Into TouchScreen Display

Sony Projector Convert Any Surface Into Touchscreen Display

Sony built impressively designed cell phones, popular next-gen gaming console, PlayStation 4 and TVs. However, a company also has a division called Future Lab, which is basically just a fancy name for an R&D section designed to bring in products of the future. 

It would appear that company is, at least, ten steps ahead of the competition because Future Lab has just introduced its next-generation projector that can turn any screen into a touchscreen.

During SXSW, Sony showed its own prototype projector which not only transforms a flat surface into a touchscreen, but also comes with a depth sensor so that the projector able to see, what has been placed on the table and will provide the user with basic information about it.


The Tabletop makes use of both depth sensors and motion tracking in order to understand when the objects are placed on the table. This table top will be capable of identifying finger press by tracking the direction of user's hand, additionally, it also recognizes whenever you are just hovering your fingers on the table. One of the objects placed on the surface was a teacup. The device was then able to detect it and even bring up information about it such as its depth.

Sony has not given any announcement date that when its projector will be accessible to the public. Sony has contributed a great amount of money and resources through Future Lab into this endeavor, therefore, are several possibilities can sprout from this product.


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