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Skype for Web Update Now Allow Users To Call Mobiles and Landlines

Skype for Web Update

Skype for Web Update Now Allow Users To Call Mobiles and Landlines.

Skype is the one of the most popular company to the world of communication. Which is used by a large number of people reaching from everyone to international businessmen for conferences, or by people who just only want to chat with their friends via video. 

Microsoft announced a new feature on March 14, which now allow users to call landlines and mobile phones directly from Skype, watch YouTube videos without leaving Skype and more.

Last year when Microsoft introduced Skype for The Web. The browser-based version of its popular communications software, it was really perfect. It carried many of the features of the video calling service and chat without the need to install the app on a desktop or laptop.

The company stated in its blog post that, 
Skype for The Web is great whether you’re using a shared computer that doesn’t have Skype downloaded, or you just prefer using a web version instead of a downloaded app. “We’ve been listening to you to ensure we’re focused on bringing you the important features first,” 

In terms of features, 
Microsoft said that now users can call mobile phones and landlines directly from Skype with low rates which will allow them to save money as well. But for making the affordable international calls from Skype, Skype credit or a subscription will be required. all user need to do is go to and sign in and connect and then  click on the call phones tab, select your destination, dial the number you would like to call, and then hit the call button.

Now Users can watch YouTube videos without leaving Skype. The company has just enhanced the way URLs show up in Skype for The Web that contains an image from the web page. If somebody posts a YouTube video link in Skype for The Web, users will be able to watch it directly in Skype as well.

The chat conversation feature also upgrade, now users can add people who don't use Skype. What user need to do is click +New, share conversation and they will get a unique URL that can be shared with anyone looking to join. Once they do, they will not automatically get a Skype user account, but will appear in the chat as a guest. 

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