Microsoft Teases Two Live Tiles For Windows 10

Microsoft Teases Two Live Tiles For Windows 10

Microsoft Teases Two Live Tiles For Windows 10

Microsoft has been working on making sure that its “Live Tiles” feature becomes more proficient and interactive in the last years. Since the arrival of the Windows 8, Microsoft has modified several times the user interface of the “Live Tiles”, but the way we relate with the Windows 10 still remains the same. Microsoft wants to suggest a more innovative familiarity by adding new features to Windows 10 Live Tiles.

The company has a couple of surprises in store for the highly familiar Live Tiles and it will reveal the changes at its upcoming Build 2016 developer conference.the events which will take place at Build 2016 hints  some changes to Live Tiles which is a popular feature in Windows 8 and as well the latest Windows 10 . The keynote titled “What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications” will be held on April 1st. The Live Tiles are expected to get “two highly-requested surprises” which may launch as new features app developers can take advantage of when making their apps.

Below is what the description of the event states,

"Notifications are an essential tool for engaging with your customers on Windows. We are building on the foundation of Action Center to give developers greatly increased flexibility in Adaptive Toasts. We will introduce a powerful API that enables a new class of apps to plug into the Notification pipeline and provide innovative experiences for users.Live Tiles are evolving with two highly-requested surprises that you won’t want to miss".

Previously you have seen an “interactive tile view” concept, which will make it easier to interact and answer to notifications within applications. Such as in place of tapping on a tile to reply to an email, the user will be able to scroll through the messages from within the Tile and reply inline.

This will be very helpful for many application that user is using frequently that means the user  will not need to launch the full application in order to use it but There is no other information about how the company plans to “evolve” the Live Tiles and what new surprises it will bring.

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