Instagram Adds Notifications Tab For Web Users

Instagram Adds Notifications Tab For Web Users

Instagram Adds Notifications Tab For Web Users

Instagram has made some amazing progress since its mobile-only days. While user still can’t access all the functionality of the famous photo editing and sharing app on their computer, the user can do a whole lot more today than the user could just a couple of years back but  now, the latest improvement comes in the form of a desktop notification center. 

Facebook-owned Photo and video sharing service Instagram has now started showing notifications on its website. The notifications tab will aware each time we get a new follower and also when a friend joins Instagram. The new move comes interesting as Instagram usually keeps its features limited to the mobile app.

The update is available now for everyone, an Instagram spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. 
The notifications panel is shown as a bubble icon to the right side of the top menu, and by clicking on it will show a drop-down panel where all recent profile activity is displayed.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp arrived on the Web last year, and last year Facebook also launched a dedicated website for a desktop.

The main functionality of Instagram such as editing, uploading, and sharing photos still remains strictly restricted to the smartphone space, but maybe this will change in the  future as well. And if nothing else, this latest change could increase usage of Instagram across platforms, which never seems like a bad idea for an app.

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