Download iMovie For Windows PC/Laptop, MAC, iPad/iPhone

Download iMovie For Windows PC/Laptop, MAC, iPad/iPhone

Download iMovie For Windows PC/Laptop, MAC, iPad/iPhone

iMovie for Windows PC Alternative: Movie making is an art and people who loves creating and editing videos are always in pursuit of best video editing apps available online, imovie is one such implausible app available for iOS users which can create and edit spectacular videos for you on a go, it can help you create your own movie with inimitable features, however, this movie making app only supports Apple devices as it is not available for Windows PC.

Today we are going to discuss some of the best alternatives of iMoviefor PC which will give you the same user experience like iMovie. But before we move on to the next section lets first discuss in detail some of the best features of iMovie.

1.    iMovie is an Apple product available for MAC and iOS devices only
2.    It is one of the best movie editing apps of all time
3.    It comes with unique features and class which only Apple can produce
4.    It is not available for Windows/Android devices
5.    However, its alternatives are available to install for Windows and Android devices

So now let’s discuss some of the best alternatives of iMovie for Windows PC

1.    Movavi -Looking for top alternatives of iMovie for PC, you have come to the right place, the first and one of the best alternatives of iMovie is Movavi. It is one of the best movies making app available for all the devices including Windows and Android. It can create slideshows in your videos along with features like adding images, audio and add on videos. It can also import your videos from camcorders.
2.    DVD Slideshow Builder- This software is also considered as one of the best alternatives of iMovie for Windows PC. It comes with more than 480 movie styles along with different types of transition effects including 3D as well as 2D.
3.    Videos Editor- This software supports more formats than iMovie, it comes with features such as cropping, trimming, rotating and combining your videos on a click. This software also comes with some advanced video editing effects like Face off, Mosaic and Jump cut. It also enables you to add stunning sound and transitions effects into your videos.
4.    Fantashow- This is probably one of the coolest movie editing app available online for movie makers, it comes with several movie making templates which supports all the formats. It also comes with features such as combining funny transitions, text as well as music in your videos.
  5. Light Works- Probably the best of lot, Light works allows you to add various visual effects in your video which includes real time tilting effects as well as 100 presets and multicam editing. This software comes for free which further makes it a popular buzz.

That’s it folks, these were the top 5 alternatives of iMovie for PC which can be installed on Windows as well Android devices. These are simple to use as well as best in utility.

Being a great fan of iMovie video editor, I won’t recommend any other video editing software to you people but after trying out the above mentioned alternatives of iMovie, I must say all of them are equally as good as iMovie. You can share these software details with your friends and let them enjoy these tools as well.

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