Translation Made Easy For 99% People Globally

Translation Made Easy For 99% People Globally

Those days are gone when it was really a hard task for two persons from different culture and nationality to interact and transfer messages and thoughts between them but now with the google translate it just takes a few clicks on your computer or mobile application and the message is understood irrespective of the language used. Amharic is the latest updated language in this segment which is considered to be the second most widely spoken Semitic language after Arabic. English and Chinese is supposed to be the most widely used languages for translation on the google translator.

The idea of developing Google Translator relates to twelve years back when Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin became extremely annoyed and frustrated with the outcome of the application while translating languages as it was not reliable at times and used to throw up a bizarre translation. In early days, Google Translator only used machine learning and used to deliver results a bit, now it utilizes human volunteers in combination with machine learning to improve its accuracy and expertise in delivering better results. We hope that Google keeps up doing good work and continue to connect people from different languages in a way that understanding is redefined. In today’s fast paced world one can’t afford to have their business take a back step just because of the diversity of language around the globe and with google translator it is claimed that almost 99 percent of the online population can interact and understand each other with the help of google translate.

It is widely used in the corporate sector and multinational companies which are established all around the world. It is mostly used across the E-commerce companies who try to understand the customers in their own languages as sometimes English fails to be a common language between them. The company recently added 13 languages to its platform and claimed to support 99 percent of the online global population and we hope that in coming years the company would work harder to make these figures to hundred percent.

We can say that in this 21st-century Google Translator acts as a boon to the humanity as it breaks the shackles of restrictions among languages and helps people to understand each other in a better way. Google Translator can also act as one of the biggest tools which help companies who want to expand their business across the world as it provides language support for two different persons and helps them interact in a faster and effective manner. With this fast developing world and humanity, we expect that Google would continue to eradicate the limitations of understanding and will continue to be one of the most loved platforms that can bring two completely different cultures together by simplifying the language barriers. In combination with machine learning and human volunteers, we expect Google Translator to be one of the most loved platforms by the people around the globe.

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