Facebook is Planning to Put Ads in Messenger App

Facebook is Planning to Put Ads in Messenger App

Facebook Messenger app is not so familiar in the world. Why? Now lastly the company has decided that everyone will be OK with the fact that two different apps are going to be used for the same services, something that caused to quite stir in the summer of 2014 when the company asked people to install the Messenger app in order to keep in touch with networks and family.

Well, if you haven't liked Messenger up to this point, just wait until you see what's in store. Facebook messenger is planning to bring advertising to its Messenger app, which up to this point has been completely empty of anything approaching an ad. But, this is a situation where it might be best not to jump to assumptions, as it seems the early rollout is not to be that bad.
The files reveal that businesses which you have been in touch with will advance the ability to send promotion-related posts over Messenger. If you have never started a discussion with a business Facebook, you simply would not have to concern around being spammed -- which is a very decent thing. Something tells us that folks still would not want to receive posts from enterprises they have contacted, so it will be motivating to see how things are fare after this will go live.
Binding into this, Facebook is also planning to inaugurate a new URL shortened facility for corporations that will permit latent customers to begin messaging the firm directly in reply to one of these posts. This is valuable, but it would not shake those who agree to message a corporation they have not communicated before, as they could simply go to that corporation's Facebook page and click the message button right there.
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in 2014 believed that ads do not fit in Application like Messenger, so to learn that it's going to ensure is kind of shocking. Maybe that means Facebook's Whatsapp will be next in line to receive the promotion.

Primarily, products and brands will only have the access to send advertisements to consumers who have before connected with them over Messenger.
A Facebook representative failed to converse the company’s monetization strategies for Messenger on Friday. Whether Facebook has comparable strategies for its WhatsApp unit is undecided.
Flagging the way for ads, Facebook has been increasingly insertion Messenger as central to commercial-to-customer communication. In 2015, the corporation added new customs for customers to send reserved communications to Page holders, and new gears for Page managers to manage and respond to messages. In particular, Page owners were invited to add “Send Message” call-to-action buttons directly to their Facebook ads, and then reply directly to those users who message them. Thanks to their extensive reach in more than 20 countries, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp stand alone as “global powerhouse" chat apps,  As per the eMarketer.
According to comScore’s count, Facebook Messenger, in reality, exceeded YouTube apps in words of customer reach, in 2015. In January, Facebook Messenger app bragged in the number of 800 million users. In 2015, the service noticed in the increment of 31% in users.
WhatsApp just got on the count of 1 billion per month active user and is currently doing 42 billion texts on an average in a day, which includes 1.6 photographs and in count 250 million videos. As they are planning in 2018, the count of texting app user in all over the world will reach in the count of  2  billion, which will represent almost 80% of smartphone users, eMarketer is expecting.

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