The 5 Best Apps For Apple TV

The 5 Best Apps For Apple TV

The 5 Best Apps for Apple TV

The future has arrived, and now we can watch Youtube videos on our televisions. What more could anyone want than to view Charlie Bit My Finger on the big screen? 

By now, we all know that Apple TV is the ultimate device for watching what you want, when you want it, but it’s so much more than just a fancy viewing platform. Let’s say you’ve already set up the staples, like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now. Here are a few of the other best apps for Apple TV that you’ll want to download ASAP:

Say goodbye to your couchpotato days, because your TV can now help you get in shape. This app acts as your personal trainer, and lets you plan the right workout regime for your lifestyle. Workout videos range from circuit to strength training to yoga, and from three minutes to thirty, and you can set workout goals and times with your Calendar.

Zova even offers workouts for two, if you want to team up with your bestie for a little extra motivation. And if you sync it up with your Apple Watch, you can see your heart rate right on the TV. Plus, you can avoid sweaty gyms forever and still keep your New Year's resolution for healthier living.

Remember in the olden days, when family and friends would gather around a projector to watch slides of your Aunt’s solo trip to Greece? No? Neither do we. Because now we have apps like Storehouse, making it fun and easy to upload and display gorgeous photos on your television screen.

Forget scrolling through photos on a tiny phone screen. Storehouse lets you curate photo albums to share on your TV, as well as across social media. And with the companion iOS app, Photo Remote, anyone can contribute photos to a shared album. You can customize the layout design of your album, add text, and invite friends. It’s a sleek, award-winning app, and it makes photo slideshows fun again.

CARROT Weather
If you always wish that your weather forecast could be just a bit more snarky, this is the app for you. CARROT is supposedly an “artificial intelligence” with an attitude problem, and she delivers your daily forecast with her own hilarious twist.

This isn’t your ordinary weather app. Yes, it’ll predict rain or sunshine with eerie accuracy and insane detail, but it’s also full of personality. There are even secret locations you can unlock by using the app (like Mount Doom or the Moon), and a time machine for checking weather conditions both past and future. There are also evil penguins.

Basically, it’s an easy-to-use, shockingly accurate weather forecast, with a mean-spirited talking robot, and it’ll spoil you for all other weather apps. CARROT is the perfect app to pull up on the television when you’re channel surfing over breakfast, or getting ready in the morning, and you need a sarcastic boost to start the day.

Lumino City
There are a lot of game apps out there. But very few are made of paper. Yes, Lumino City is a beautiful puzzle game in which everything you see on the screen—people, buildings, ferris wheels—is a unique, handmade model crafted out of paper, cardboard, and glue. And on top of it’s unique look, it’s a fun and challenging game to play.

Lumino City, by State of Play Games, is more of a kick-back-and-relax puzzler than an action adventure. It’s a clever and charming journey of one girl looking for her grandfather, and it’ll take you on a tour of a stunning and intricate handmade world. It won the BAFTA for Artistic Achievement, so it’s well worth experiencing it on the big screen, instead of straining your eyes trying to catch every detail on your iphone.

Netfix and Hulu are great and all, but is there an app that can stream everything from movies, to television, to home videos, to pictures, to music? Now there is, with the new Plex app for Apple TV. Plex lets you transcode and stream all of your content to various platforms with free software. It’s a huge media library that doesn’t eat up your storage space, and can be accessed from almost any device.

You can see Rotten Tomato ratings, movie extras and interviews, TED talks, and musician bios - all in one app. Even better, you can use Plex Companion on your smartphone or tablet in the palm of your hand to line up what you want to watch later than night on the couch. It’s elegantly organized, simple to navigate, and it looks damn good on your screen, too. Plex has pretty much got you and all of your media covered from every angle.

Apple TV has a whole lot to offer, so it’s hard to go wrong with your app selection. But if you’re looking to see what your Apple TV is really capable of, these are some great apps to get you started.

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