Four Best Social Media Tools to Save Your Time

Four Best Social Media Tools to Save Your Time

Social media is your best friend and our worst enemy. Getting a favorite on your funny tweet can be a rush, but with a new site popping up every other day, social media has become a total time-suck.

These 4 apps will streamline your online presence - and let’s face it, that also means streamline your life - and turn you into a social media wizard. Come on, you’ve got places to Instagram, things to Tweet about, and people to text!

It happens to the best of us: you know someone sent you their contact information and you’ve looked everywhere but you just can’t find it. Brewster to the rescue!

No more clicking through apps and digging through emails to find one phone number. Brewster takes your friend’s social media account information from Google, Yahoo, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more, and compiles it into a single address book.

It also syncs with your Google account, making sure you never have the wrong info. It’s designed only for Android, so unfortunately all of you iPhone users will be missing out: TechCrunch recently named Brewster One of the 20 Best Android Apps.

If you’re someone who uses social media as a marketing tool and not just a personal platform to share how you’re feeling, TweetDeck is one of the smartest tools you could be using. It schedules and updates your status so that you can go about your day while staying present on social media.

The best part about it is if you’d like to simultaneously post for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can do that too. If your followers don’t overlap too much, then basically you’ll just want to turn to TweetDeck for those serious Twitter sessions.

Remember that seemingly pointless logic unit in your high school math class? Well IF finally puts that vestigial knowledge to good use. IF (which recently changed its name from IFTTT or If This Then That) is kind of like a logic problem for your social media presence and the possibilities are endless.

The app allows you to create “recipes” using the simple formula IF ____ THEN____ in order to streamline your social media accounts. Just input a trigger app and an action and IF does the rest. Want Twitter to post your Instagram photos natively? IF can do that. Want to know when new titles are added to Netflix? IF can do that too. Want to Tweet “tooth hurty” every single day at 2:30? Weirdly, IF can even do that.

We’ve all been there: the vicious cycle of the groupchat. You’re trying to contribute to the conversation but you can’t seem to get a word in edgewise. You can’t type fast enough and autocorrect keeps “correcting” you. You have to backspace and delete, and by the time you finally type what you wanted to say, the conversation has moved on.

Swiftkey solves that problem. It has a smart keyboard that learns your writing style and it utilizes a “fluency engine” which creepily knows you better than you know yourself. Add to that a swipe keyboard, and you have the fastest keyboard in the app store. You’ll never be left out of the conversation again - goodbye autocorrect!

You already spend so much time maintaining your online presence, why not make it a little bit easier? These apps will give you what it takes to simplify your social media experience and save you precious time that could be used to watch Netflix and play Crossy Road.

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This article is written by Gabrielle Montoute. Working with fueled as content writer.

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