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Google's New Headset Work Without Computer And SmartPhone

Google's New Headset Work Without Computer And SmartPhone

The new invention of google can work without smartphone, computer. Google's new invention is a virtual reality headset. It has so many unique features:

  •  It has Screened
  •  High-Powered processors
  •  Outward-Facing Cameras 

Currently, a virtual device made of cardboard has been sold by the Google. Since, the launched date was 2014, Google has already shipped more than 5M Google cardboards.

Because of the latest devices of Google's, we can automatically see the that the interest of Google in virtual devices are growing up to the sky level and it also proved that it can be a tech giant in near future also for other big companies like Facebook Inc etc. 

The new devices are the latest evidence of Google’s growing interest in virtual reality and will thrust the tech giant more fully into competition with Facebook Inc., whose Oculus unit plans to start shipping a $599 headset next month that runs on a personal computer. According to a survey, we found that other companies are also planning to develop headsets like HTC, Sony and Samsung.

“What’s pretty clearly evolving here is a platform war,” said Macquarie Capital analyst Ben Schachter. “Some of the smartest people at Google are moving into” virtual reality.

Last month, Clay Bavor(Google first virtual-reality chief) said that

“Since the beginning we’ve been about making VR available for everyone,” Mr. Bavor said at a conference Wednesday. “We’ll have some more to share later in the year.”

By assuming that there would be much hope for big potential in industries (education, entertainment, gaming) both companies across Silicon Valley and Hollywood have invested billions of dollars in the technology. 

To aim for middle ground, Google’s planned a stand-alone headset: a quality experience not tethered to an expensive PC or game console. But, still now, anyone doesn't know that whether customers are able and willing to pony up for another entertainment gadget.

Along with all the features of headset Google is also planning to use another new feature that is chips from startup Movidius Inc. Other high-end headsets, like the Oculus Rift, tap the computing power of connected PCs and use external cameras to track users’ motion.

"I have already worked with so many organization on virtual reality, but it's unable for me to elaborate." said by Movidius.

The launching of stand-alone headset is still unclear, but might be it would unveiled by this year. Google has yet couldn't decide to release it. Google is retooling a new android version of the same to handle virtual-reality and to ensure that device works well with android phones also.

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