Finally Picasa Killed By Google

Finally Picasa Killed By Google

Finally Picasa Killed By Google

Finally!!! Google upgraded his latest version of Picasa As Google photos. And the reason behind that is google photos is a way better as compared to Picasa, for some user it will be a shocking news, but You will feel glad that it is upgraded in all the manner. 

Meanwhile, there is more concern for the users about the data which is collected on Picasa Albums, which include mainly specific metadata about their photos which is in Picasa.  The users may be tagged their photos for their publically purposes, as well as they have added captions. Moreover besties and Relatives they may have commented on photos, as well it doesn’t sound like that metadata has made the transition to Google Photos, So,

Latest Google which is published is the easiest way to access And modify, and they can share the content which is available from their Picasa Web Album is log in to Google Photos, Images and videos will always be available there for you

But some of the Picasa Web Albums users don’t even want to join the Google Photos for their personal reasons. Google is basically going far of its way to entertain their needs, basically that will create “a new platform for you and users to access their Picasa Web Albums data.”

There aren’t so many detailed about this new place yet, except that it will give you or users tools to “view, download, or delete” your Picasa Web Albums. However, it will not allow you or users to make, organize edit albums – to do that; they have to move to Google Photos or some different function. But frankly, the fancier Google Photos is far superior anyway with its infinite and unique photo and video storage in this. Photos recognition tech that makes searching your image album in a place. If you’re the person who’s puffed Picasa full of pics and videos, you can go and that content in Google Photos. If you if you don’t want to entertain that Photos and want to see particular contents like tags, captions, and comments from Picasa, Google’s working out a way for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data.

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