Google Introducing Gmailify For Spam Safety

Google Introducing Gmailify For Spam Safety

Google Introducing Gmailify For Spam Safety

In 2015, Google’s Gmail Android app has permitted users that they can manage their personal mail from a non-Gmail account, as same as Yahoo and Outlook. Now finally, the company is taking one more step further. 

Now it finally today introducing a new face which is known as Gmailifythat will permit anyone so that they can take the benefit of Gmail’s spam safety, inbox organized, Google is Now planning to integrations, and many more, they don't have to change their any details like email id. 

That really means that you will be able to check your,, or email by using Gmail’s mobile manufactured app – but you can simply work on that accounts as in those email were hosted on Google’s personal own server. It will make a sense for users who would really love to choose the Gmail account for their personal advanced features set, but they stop with other email ids and they are really not interested in going through the all the hassles mixed with changing their personal email id address.

If you have permission for access to your non-Gmail id from the Gmail app, you will still need to select or option for the “Gmailify” features. For the same to do so and there is no need to login to your Gmail app, sign in into your external ids and then “to start the Gmail if,”  Google posted a tweet to.

In practice, this includes the link between your Gmail account(s) which is not registered into Gmail. In the app “Setting” screen, once you will tap on the non-connected Gmail accounts you want to attach then you can select “ the Link Account.” This is thing what they will allow the app to gain the benefit of Gmail’s broadly specifications. This will really work two of them in same in the Android app as well as on the internet at So that you can select to attach the account at any of the time so the company notes.

In the plus point they are able to use the Gmail’s spam protect on this mail whatever is going to come, your son- users Gmail emails will also be managed by the type (e.g. Social, Updates, Promotions). in addition, you will be able to search your non-user Gmail is using the advanced search operator,and they will receive a better option and notifications on mobile, and you will be traveling and hotel reservations it will by default appears in Google Now.

Google is not alone in trying to their level best to treat a non-account user holder by pointing on its quality set. Other top most who is providing are also going to work on to the court those who really want to try with the some other users past experience no need to change their address.


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