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Google and Vizio are Reportedly Working On Cast-Ready TVs

Google and Vizio are Reportedly Working On Cast-Ready Televisions

The Google Chromecast has gotten to be one of the best streaming media gadgets available and now we could be seeing Chromecast TVs.

Google has taken a stab at adjusting Google TV into Android TV, however regardless we're not seeing the platform inserted in many more new TVs that were declared at launch. Presently, as per a report from Variety, the organization could try convincing manufacturers to build Chromecast-like receiving directly into TV sets. Initially, the reputed partner is Vizio, which could be searching for another edge in smart TVs with Yahoo closing down its platform, and the possibility of an Android tablet remote. Vizio took a stab at building its own Android tablet recently, but packing one in with each new TV would be a great step. This tablet would be pre-loaded with apps for streaming and casting content.

Users have asked for a lighter (or non-existent) smart TV experience, and switching to casting with smarts offloaded to a tablet, or phone may be an ideal approach. Android TVs already support casting, however including the functionality of the popular dongle in brand new TVs should get the tech before more individuals.

As of right now, there's still a great deal of theory surrounding the matter, yet with the launch of Vizio's new TVs reportedly coming this spring, it may not be much sooner than we hear official word on the matter.

Though it may sound to somewhat odd to hear that Google is promoting a very basic platform like Casting over something much more skilled like Android TV, it's anything but difficult to see why it may need to. Google has more than once had awful luck with TV software, Android TV included. The Chromecast, then again, has been a surprise hit because of its cheap price ($35) and convenience. Choosing to build Casting into a TV, rather than a full smart TV operating system, might allow for cheaper smart TVs with features that customers really need to utilize.

Google isn't hesitant to experiment; we've seen that recently, they've been attempting to make Android TV work, yet it hasn't taken off as trusted. Consolidating Chromecast into a TV may be an awesome approach to get Google Play, streaming and Android in front of more people. Obviously, this has yet to be confirmed so we could in all likelihood be wasting our breath, yet we can always hope for such thing.

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