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Flexible LCD Screen Unveiled At MWC 2016

Flexible LCD Screen Unveiled At MWC 2016

UK-based start-up Flex Enable on Monday revealed a flexible LCD display that wraps around the wrist, at the Mobile World Assembly in Barcelona. The start-up uses plastic transistors to generate Organic Liquid Crystal Display (OLCD) to complete a flexible display. The start-up is in talks with hardware partners to introduce the entirely-fledged wristbands in the coming eighteen months.

Flex Enable, a UK-based business firm, showcased its flexible electronics technology at the MWC on 22th February. The customer tech firm presented an LCD wristlet and bendable fingerprint sensors, which can be fit around door handles to offer customers with customised and personalised safe entry.

Flex Enable said, "Our exclusive technology permits electronics to be manufactured on flexible plastic film, the thickness of a page of paper. It syndicates stable, high-performance organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) with passive elements to develop really flexible and cost-effective electronics on top of large and minor surfaces."

Flex Enable’s prototype flexible LCD screen creates usage of plastic transistors to generate  liquid crystal display (OLCD) displays. The plastic transistors provide designers the skill to bend the device. Though these displays do not presently have touchscreen function ability, they can be managed by tapping on corner buttons located on the edges of the device, to scroll over the icons presented on the display.

Flex Enable does not have an idea to generate a separate new product, in its place few customer tech giants are collaborating with other electronic things manufacturers to provide the technology to the marketplace, as per the corporation's representative Paul Cain, the Verge stated.
Flexible technology is not only for wearable devices. It can also be included in beautiful smartphone designs; the screen displays on automobiles or maybe even personalised safety technology devices. With foremost tech giants like Samsung and LG already offered users curved smartphones, flexible technology may just be the next big thing in customer technology.

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