Apple Pay is Going to Hit China on 18th Feb

Apple Pay is Going to Hit China on 18th Feb

Now the day has come when Apple Pay is finally going to launch in China. A member Of ICBC Told that it is going to launch on February 18 on their app WeChat. But you do not have to see so far as Apple their details Apple Pay’s is going to launch on its Chinese website. 

The Agency is doing the partnership with Union Pay, the extremely dominant payment network of China (Instead of Visa Cards, MasterCard’s and American Express). And as same in both the countries U.S. and the U.K., Apple is also doing the partnership with the largest locality bank so that they can do the support of Apple Pay from the day first. There are 19 banks are on the board, which includes ABC, CCB, CMB, ICBC and many more.

This is the only third “real” rollout for Apple Pay after the countries like U.S. and Canada. Apple Pay is also present in such countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Spain, but the services are only supporting American Express cards in all those countries. Apple has faced so many troubles doing the partnership with different banks in some of the countries and finally has chosen to make partner exclusively with American Express for now.

But in current week’s Chinese launching is going to be different as it’s a full rollout. Locality Chinese banks are in the board members. This will be a big achievement for Apple as we all know China is one of the important and fastest growing markets for the company with so many as in count tens of millions of users are there for iPhone 6, 6 plus or for the upcoming generation.

Finally, Apple is going to compete with the two of their heavyweight competitors — Alibaba’s AliPay and WeChat’s wallet. These two services did not start with NFC payment systems but providing the same level of services when it comes to payments. AliPay is the dominating payment system for online payments, and WeChat’s Wallet lets you pay for all sorts of things.

There are so many benefits As You can use the WeChat’s Wallet in shopping stores, you can pay for taxi rides, you can do the recharge of your mobile as per plan, You can also send money to your friends or family. It is going to be most interesting to see the competition whether Apple can acquire the market share in with such a competitive market. As per in, Apple is also going to work on rolling out Apple Pay in France.

Also worth noting, PayPal has struggled a lot for years in China to get a license to operate it in China. For some time, PayPal cannot be the partner with Chinese e-commerce websites to add PayPal as a payment option.

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