10 Wonderful Things A Geeky Couple Can Do Together

10 Wonderful Things A Geeky Couple Can Do Together

Yes, we are one of our kinds and we don’t shy to admit this to you average humans, we are the Geeks! Life could be wonderful if a geek finds another for lifetime. 

There is so much to do together that is beyond other couples but is so much fun and only more special because it is with you, Agent A.

Here are the top fun things you can do with your geek-mate!

1. Watch a meteor shower together, all night!

Because counting stars is such a below average task. There are 100 octillion stars, or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, or a "1" with 29 zeroes! Doesn’t everyone know that? And we don’t have forever! This might be the one in a lifetime night for you two.

2. Go to Comic Con together dressed as your favorite superhero couple.

Because you can be the Sheldon if I am Amy, the Green Arrow if I am Black Canary, the Batman if am Catwoman. Oh so cheesy. *blush*

3. Read each other your favorite sci-fi book.

This will become your favourite part of the day, trust us.

4. Make a check-list and go to fantasy land trips.

Take a trip to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter or the LOTR or The Hobbit. It would be a dream come true for you both.

5. Learn how to code and talk about your new tech find and she/he will be the happiest to be all ears.

The internet tells your partner many a things but why not you do it for them instead?!

6. Get a real/fake geeky tattoo that is of significance to you two.

Expression has all forms. May or may not the world understands, it was about you two always.

7. Use the right emoji's when you chat.

Not everybody knows what each and every emoji is for. Because you like to keep it right, decode the meaning with your partner and laugh it out when your friends use them for things not at all related to their actual meaning.

8. Take your partner on a live space launch date!

There is nothing more cool! Do not forget to take the champagne and the rose.

9. Live like a Jedi for a day!

Go to work, shopping, places and even to loo like a Jedi and discuss your experience with each other. May the force be with you. 

10. Gift each other stars, build a fort and game all night. Can it be any better?!

Let us know if you have more things for your geeky partner on the to-do list in the comments section below.

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