The Importance of Having A Mobile Friendly Website

The Importance of Having A Mobile Friendly Website

There is absolutely no doubt that we are in the mobile-age of the Internet, with billions of users accessing search engines and web sites through their smartphones or tablet computers. 

The PC and even the laptop are becoming less and less used with people choosing iPad's, tablet computers and smartphones instead. Some households are completely replacing the family computer with a tablet, and almost everybody has a smartphone. However, even when taking these statistics into consideration, businesses across the world are much slower in the uptake of mobile websites than the growth is demanding. Not having a mobile-friendly site can affect your search rankings and even cause you to lose custom.

Easier to Navigate and View

You want to make sure that customers have the best experience when viewing and navigating your website on their laptop or PC, however how much thought have you given to customers viewing it from a mobile device? Statistics show that a large number of customers are likely to use a mobile to access your site, so don’t run the risk of losing them by presenting them with a site that is frustrating to get around and difficult to view. If you’ve ever tried to view a site which isn’t mobile-friendly on your smartphone, you’ll know how frustrating it is. A responsive web design will ensure that your site adapts to any device to create the best viewing experience. Visit for more information.

Better Search Engine Rankings

With billions of websites online, the battle for the top spot in search engine results is one that is fierce and highly competitive. Earlier this year, Google made changes to their algorithm in light of the fact that more and more users are accessing search from a mobile device. Thanks to this, the mobile-friendliness of a website now plays a huge part in determining where it ranks in Google search results. Simply put, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will never get to number one – no matter how brilliant all of your other SEO strategies are.

Being Up-to-Date

In the past, a website that was mobile-friendly was a luxury, however in today’s digital age with more and more people accessing the internet from their mobile devices it is becoming more of a necessity. Sites that are not optimized for mobile use seem outdated and behind, and this can easily leave a negative impression on your site visitors. Trustworthiness is an important factor when it comes to customer engagement, and appearing modern and up to date with what your customers need is vital in order to gain trust. Although it is possible to gain the trust of your customers by simply providing them with a great service and being true to your word, not having a mobile-friendly site causes you to run the risk of losing customers due to a bad first impression.

Why do you think that having a mobile-friendly website is important? Should more businesses be realizing how important it actually is? We’d love to hear your views in the comments.

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