Best 5 Alternatives of Xender

Best 5 Alternatives of Xender

Only a few years ago, sharing the files between mobile phones was a huge hassle and took up a lot of your precious time. 

You could either use Bluetooth to share the files between mobile phones or transfer the files using USB cable and computer. The third option was to transfer the files over the mobile network, but that cost a lot of money. Bluetooth was slow and it could take ages to transfer larger files and USB transfer was a lengthy process. But now you could sidestep all these hassles as new file sharing and transfer applications are on the block. These applications do not require data connectivity, Bluetooth, or USB cables. The phones that intend to share files just need to be in the close proximity with each other. Xender is one of the most widely used and pretty popular file transfer application. But people are looking for alternative. So, here are 5 top alternatives to replace Xender.

Inarguably (and statistically), SHAREit is the best app to replace Xender. It is the most widely used file transfer application in the world. Whether you want to transfer large videos, images, data files, or documents, SHAREit will do it in no time at all. This Android app boasts of high data transfer speeds without using the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network. Even if you want to share the apps with the other devices, you can easily do that with this tool. SHAREit has a very easy to use interface and thus makes it pretty convenient to transfer files. You can connect up to 5 devices at a time. If you need to transfer lots of official data from one PC to another, then you must use Shareit for PC.

CShare is also a great tool for transferring files between mobile devices. Offering high transfer speed, this tool can share the files including games, apps, videos, songs, and much more. The sharing devices just need to be in the close proximity.

Zapya too has become very popular file sharing and transfer app in the recent past. This app is capable of transferring all types of files across several OS platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. Zapya is pretty fast (perhaps the fastest of all). The developers of this app claim that it can be as fast as 128 times the speed of Bluetooth. This means that all types of files can be transferred quickly including movies, songs, data files, and more. Zapya for PC is considered one of the great apps while sharing large files between two PCs.

SuperBeam is also pretty cool when it comes to file sharing. Just like the other apps, it also does not require Wi-Fi or data network. It can transfer files very fast. A file of 1 GB can be transferred in a matter of 3-4 minutes using this app. This remarkable tool also features unique QR code scanning to easily connect with the other devices.

Fast File Transfer
The eponymous capabilities of Fast File Transfer app make it one of the most popular file sharing apps. No matter the size of the file, this app can transfer it across devices very easily. This tool also has a unique feature which allows you to compress the files in the ZIP format before sharing.

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