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    How To Send Fax Using Google? Save Your Money

    How To Send Fax Using Google? Save Your Money!

    Three Ways To Send FAX through Google

    To begin with thing which is obliged to send a fax through Gmail is to have a Gmail account. At that point, you have get a Google Chrome extension named 'WiseFax', can send through with Google docs by InterFax and through your Chrome browser FAX.PLUS

    All the fax messages which you send will get put away on your Google Drive account until they are sent. In that capacity, store the faxes you need to send there first.

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    At that point, go to Google Drive by logging into your Google account. 

    Tap on the "Make" catch which you will discover on the upper left corner. And transfer the coveted record to be sent. The record name which is all situated to be sent can be found in your Drive account.

    1. To send Fax through Google Extension WiseFAX

    WiseFax enables you to send fax from Chrome to any fax number in the world.
    Wisefax – send fax quickly and easily

    Sending fax with WiseFax was never so quick and easy. You only need internet connection on your device. Send fax in four simple steps from Chrome. Pay as you go, with no monthly or yearly subscription and send fax anywhere in the world.

    WiseFax supports numerous document and file formats such as PDF documents, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents and spreadsheets, Hancom Hangul documents, ScanWritr documents, and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP images. You can also import a picture and send it directly to fax. When doing so, WiseFax efficiently detects edges of your document using advanced edge detection algorithm and makes picture clearer with picture enhancement algorithm. This makes scanning easier and fax more readable. You can easily select which pages you want to fax. Displayed preview of the pages will look the same as they will come out on fax at recipient side. Type fax number and wait for response. If it was successful or no you will get an email notification.

    Sending fax with WiseFax is as simple as that. Try it, you’ll like it.

    Four easy steps of how to send fax with WiseFax are:
    1. Upload your existing document or picture.
    2. Click and select / deselect pages you want to send to fax and check them on screen as you already see them as they will come out on fax.
    3. Select among 240 countries where you want to send your fax and type fax number.
    4. Authenticate with your existing account on Facebook, Google, Windows Live and Vanaia or create a new one. Buy fax token, if you already didn’t do so, and send fax. Wait for fax status confirmation which you ‘ll receive to provided e-mail.

    2. To Send Fax Through Google Docs From InterFAX

    InterFAX  is the first web faxing support of offer an incorporated Google Docs Fax arrangement. It's anything but difficult to creator and team up on archives in Google Docs – now you can fax records simply as with "Fax This" features

    > Send and receive faxes within the Google Docs interface.
    No software, no equipment and no phone lines required.
    View incoming faxes in a Google Docs folder and share with other users .
    Setup in less than 5 minutes.
    Complete security with encryption options .
    Competitive pricing with no monthly fees

    Rapid Setup
    Google Docs fax setup takes less than 5 minutes – register for your InterFAX account, enable the 'fax from Google docs' option, and install the InterFAX bookmarklet.

    Send Faxes Anytime, Anywhere
    Fax documents with the same convenience you’re used to with Google Docs, from any computer or mobile device. Just open a document and hit the "Fax this" bookmarklet.

    Easily Share Faxes
    View all incoming faxes in a Google Docs 'Incoming Faxes' folder and share them online. Incoming faxes are received in PDF format.

    Google Docs Fax with Maximum Security
    Interfax online fax service has limited access to your Google Docs account to enable fax transmission, but its never have access to your user name and password. Its Google Docs fax solution provides advanced security features including public key signature and encryption of inbound and outbound faxes, in transit to and from our servers.

    3. Send fax From Your Chrome Browser with FAX.PLUS

    FAX.PLUS is a secure HIPAA compliant fax solution, recognized as the best online fax service for its reliability and ease of use.
    With the FAX.PLUS Chrome extension you can send fax from your Chrome browser to more than 180 different countries and get a local fax number from over 40 countries to receive fax online.

    Main features of FAX.PLUS:

    • Ability to send fax to over 180 countries
    • Get local fax numbers in over 40 countries or port your existing fax number
    • Send and receive fax via multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web, …)
    • Google Integration (Google Docs, Google Sheets & G Suite)
    • Email to Fax
    • Fax to Email
    • Scheduled faxing
    • Mass faxing
    • Send faxes to numbers that require extension dialing
    • Send faxes to human operated telefax machines
    • Secure cloud storage
    • Fax files at rest are fully encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption
    • Ability to drop fax in transit (in case you change your mind after hitting send)
    • Sign documents (Electronic signature)
    • Built-in scanner to scan documents
    • Fax API
    • HIPAA Compliance

    How to send free fax with FAX.PLUS?
    1- Use your Google account to sign up (No credit card needed)
    2- Go to the “Send Fax” tab and use the “To” field to specify the recipient's number (You can send fax to multiple contacts at once)
    3- Click on the “Add Text” field to attach a cover sheet, and use “Add File” to attach the documents you’d like to be faxed
    4- Hit the “Send” button and your fax will be sent immediately.


    You Save Money-
    You spend less on paper of the fact that everything is done on the web.

    You Save Time-
    Faxing straight forwardly from your Gmail is active and issues you of a chance time to deal with other essential undertaking

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