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    Hide Your WhatsApp Images From Your Phone Gallery

    Hide Your WhatsApp Images From Your Phone Gallery.
    Secure Your WhatsApp Pics!

    WhatsApp pictures take your mobile spaces which will grab some measure of limit of your phone and it reveals their assurance also. In this way, today I am putting forth a manual for you which will be give you the trick about it.

    Remember that you will be simply hiding it not eradicating it so you are going to lose them by any stretch of the creative ability. Ones you applied this trick then you will be ensuring the complete security and insurance of your Whatsapp pictures and includes and can without a lot of a stretch make them private. You simply need to apply these tricks remembering the final objective to make it work from your side.

    For iPhone

    Follow these steps to make it work for your iPhone device.

    1. Go to Settings and tap on Privacy button.
    2. After that, tap on Photos and then you will see Photos for WhatsApp and ones you found it then toggle it off.
    3. Now your all WhatsApp photos will be hidden from there.

    For Android

    Follow these steps to make it work for your Android phone.

    1. Download any File Manager app on your Android phone which is required for this process. Mostly recommend you to download ES File Explorer.
    2. Ones it is installed on your phone. You need to launch it and then go to SD Card under Home section and then tap on WhatsApp and after that tap on Media.
    3. Now, see a WhatsApp Images folder. You simply tap on that folder for few seconds and then you’ll have some options, tap on rename and then you need to put ( . ) in front of that folder’s name, it would be look like this; ".WhatsApp Images"
    4. Now the WhatsApp images will be hidden from your phone, if you want to undo the changes simply remove that ( . ) and the process will undo.

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