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    How To Use Google Hacks For Complete Search Your Dream Jobs

    How To Use Google Hacks For Complete Search Your Dream Jobs?

    Most of the job seekers are using Google to find their dream Job, but sometimes they didn't get to find right keyword to search their job.

    When you type the word jobs in Google, you will mostly find results from the various job portals, because that’s what most people are looking for. If you want specific information about companies and the careers that they offer, you need to be specific in what you want to search for.

    In the Google search, I am typing Google to look only on the uandi.in website.

    Just use search: “site:xyz.com” 

    Afterward, I ask Google to find only those webpages that have “careers” in the title. This is what “intitle:careers” means. Finally, I add in the job title “programmer” because that is the job I am looking for. Of course, just adding a job title is giving me too many broad results.

    Example: site:xyz.com intitle:careers JOBTITLE IT

    Like if you search in (jobs in Pune ) then google reads and giving search results for both "Jobs" and Pune". But when you search in quotes like Example:

    Search: "Jobs in India" 
    By using above quotes in Google is able to search for an exact search.

    Now search your jobs with your required field by these hacks.. Enjoy

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