Play Fun Games With Your Friends And Family By Heads Up App

Play Fun Games With Your Friends And Family By Heads Up App.

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You can spend the long winter evenings playing games with your friends and family. However, finding a fun game that everyone likes can be difficult. A couple of years ago, the most popular games to play in cultures and societies were board games. Board games usually involve a board and pieces that need to be moved. It is all about strategy, chance and fun. One of the most famous board games is ‘Guess Who’. This guessing game can be played by two persons. Each player starts a board that includes pictures of 24 people. Before the game starts, a card is picked from a pile with the same 24 persons. By asking your opponent questions, you try to be the first to determine which card he or she picked. Thereby you need to ask questions like ‘’Is it a man?’’ or ‘’Does he have a moustache?’’. Your opponent is only allowed to answer with ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’. So make sure to ask closed-ended questions and of course the right ones! A variation on this popular board game is the hilarious app Heads Up.

What is the Heads Up app? 
The Heads Up app has gotten its fame from the well-known Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen plays this game with the guests on her show. A fun game, which you can now play at home using your mobile phone! This works very well. You take your phone and place it in front of your head. The screen will show a name or theme that you need to guess from the other players’ clues. You only have 60 seconds to find out what is on the screen, so use your time wisely! The screen shows names of celebrities, movie titles, animals, characters and even accents. Did you guess correctly, than you lower your phone. If you want to pass, you lift it up. How many cards can you guess!?

This app has some disadvantages. Sadly, you have to buy each additional deck (99 cents) separately and the app does not keep track of your scores. Another disadvantage is that the app is a little slow sometimes, so it does not always react when you move your device up to pass or down for a correct answer.

Try the Heads Up app for a hilarious evening with friends and family! In order to buy this app you can purchase an iTunes gift card at

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