Google Play Store Have More Apps Than Apple App Store

Google Play Store Have More Apps Than Apple App Store.

Google Play Store
According to appFigures, a report platform that analyses data of apps that use its platform, the Google Play Store currently contains more apps than the App Store of Apple. This is mostly the result of the unprecedented growth of the Play Store in the past few years. The iOS App Store also saw a significant increase in their sales volume, but not equally in their market share. One of the main reasons the Play Store exceeded the App Store of Apple is its number of developers. As the report of appFigures points out, Google has many more developers on board.

This raises the question what causes this difference in number of developers. Is it more appealing to develop apps for Android than for Apple? The answer is yes and no. On the one hand, Android has a larger marketshare and therefore it can be attractive to work for them. In addition, the terms and requirements of an app in order to be approved are less strict for the Play Store. So as a developer, if you’re not willing to run through a extensive process, you’ll probably prefer Android to Apple.

On the other hand, regarding the money you make as a developer, you should definitely join up with Apple. Analytics Company App Annie found out that iOS App Store developers earn 60% more money compared to their Android-colleagues. As a result of this difference in revenue a lot of developers launch their creations in the Apple App Store first, before approaching Android.

The future
That said, let’s take a look at the number of apps of both stores. The Google Play Store offers just about 1.43 million apps, while the iOS App Store contains about 1.21 million apps. It’s a difficult task to forecast the extent to which both stores will grow in the near future. But regarding the past few years we expect Google to maintain and maybe even expand their current market leadership.

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