What Makes A Relationship Stable And Long-Lasting?

What makes a Relationship 'Stable' And ‘long-lasting’?

We meet people in huge numbers during our life span, they may have different religious background, caste, colour, creed and more importantly a unique attitude or perspective towards the all shades of life & things around us. 

Although it is true that we often don't make any relation or a friendship in a hurry. We do take our own time to assess and judge people as per the terms & conditions we actually set for others to become our friend.

An important question which comes to my mind everytime when I think about a relationship? Which is "How do we select people for a relation? What are people criteria while choosing a friend for them? And what we actually observe in people that makes us assure, that YES he or she is indeed eligible for our friendship and relation? You would either be surprised or might be guessing why I am raising such stupid queries?

I'm sure you will get an answer by the end of this article.
Many people have the opinion that to become a friend or to stabilize our ongoing friendship or a relation, we must have the same Ideology?
But to be very honest and frankly speaking when I see people having altogether different ideologies & thinking, are actually the very good FRIENDS. They debate and discuss things and exchange the valuable knowledge which benefit them mutually. On the other hand, I have found people of same ideology fighting and quarreling over an issue every now and then. I equally concede that it may vary from person to person. But the matter of the fact that our above assumption has fallen down.
Partners should have better understanding & trust in their relation?

No, it is not necessary at all, we have many such relationships examples in front of us where contributing partners keeps on blaming & accusing each other for being dishonest and not loyal to the relationship. As a result of which we can assume there is ‘NO’ understanding and trust in this relation.

At large, this ‘NO’ is very significant here, because such relations/friendship is still continuing on, for many years now, of course instead of a BIG ‘NO’ there is minute ‘YES’ always.
So this question keeps on repeating itself that after these ‘Nos’ what makes a relationship stable and long-lasting which helps it to survive for years?

Let’s put a fullstop to your curiosity; I know you would be very eager to know the influencing force behind such relations which holds them tight together? That’s LOVE….yes it is Love…. It has got the tremendous capacity to overrule the influence of other FACTORS single handedly. One can imagine the POWER of LOVE that it can save a relation even it is at the verge of breaking.

I can conclude as per my own experience if one force that can actually defeat or resist the LOVE is the EGO of a person. In many situations, we quarrel with our partners and hence not talking to them for days. Reality is, we do want to talk to them but there is something which holds them back to do so, that something is EGO.

EGO kills LOVE eventually a relation. We ask ourselves, who should approach first? Why would I bother? Let him/her approach first. This attitude may actually lead to break a relationship. Therefore, we should always be flexible in our approach to build a successful, strong and longlasting relationship.

About The Author:
Sonal Saxena, she is charming girl doing bachelor's in homoeopathic medicine and surgery from India.

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