How To Host Wordpress Images on Dropbox To Save Your Hosting Space

How To Host Wordpress Images And Posts on Dropbox To Save Your Hosting Space?

You can host your images in Dropbox, There are several plugin are out there but the best plugin is Pressboxwhich will help you to get connect your Wordpress blog with Dropbox account.

-> After the installation go to the settings sidebar and choose Pressbox.

-> Set of instructions to get a Dropbox API. Both the “Key” and “Secret” codes are needed to connect your blog to Dropbox. This step is needed to prevent unauthorized access to your Dropbox account.

-> After getting the code, click on "Connect your blog to dropbox" button. Now you can use host the images into your Dropbox folder.

-> Now when you Add an image then click on tab "from Dropbox" to insert the pictures.

-> For free Dropbox account storage limit upto 2GB with an average image 100kb size.

So whenever you add the image in Wordpress its will host to your DropBox account.

Host Text with Dropbox:

By adding Plugin Post via DropBox allows you to create Wordpress posts and its do by default setting to your DropBox. When you create the post the plugin fetches it from your DropBox account. Here you can defines own tags, titles, categories , etc. 

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