How To Click Best Selfie You Need To Know

How To Click Best Selfie You Need To Know?

To click Selfie is now become trend. Its shows your confidence, personality like an art.You can experiment with different angles. Use front camera for take right selfie and side you face the symmetrical and balanced.

You need to take photograph in best light effect. You can stand at the floor of your house for best click shot. Because not every location is perfect for the right shot.

You can use editor for editing your selfie and change it to any effect for creating a cool effect. After that you can upload your pic on Pinterest, Instagram and other social network account. Once your selfie on your socialnetworks account there you can get comments and gossips and gets funny message in return.

If you have a good fitness then you can stand in front of mirror and click with the full body. Different posses and angles are talking about your personality. Make selfie is better to make laughter to someone else. We are sure that your funny selfie can make someone smile.

Girls mostly use wakeup selfie. At morning time your face is chargeable and pose look original.You can take many selfies because this is way to ensure you to select good one to post. Never take serious face selfie because your selfie support to coolness. You can change the face expression with every click.

Most popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihana and Sunny Leone take selfie click with most trending pout pose and upload it on their personal social network accounts.

Kim Kardashian's duckface selfie: do not attempt this at home. via Instagram

Pop Star Rihana 

Sunny Leone

Most popular selfie was taken at Oscar 2014.

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